Rosipal R., Rostakova Z., Trejo L.J.

Tensor Decomposition of Human Oscillatory Brain Activity in Frequency, Space and Time.

Biological Psychology, 169:108287, 2022.

Many brain processes in health and disease are associated with modulation of narrowband brain oscillations (NBOs) in the scalp-recorded EEG, which exhibit specific frequency spectra and scalp topography. Isolating and tracking NBOs over time using algorithms is useful in domains such as brain-computer interfaces or when measuring the EEG effects of experimental manipulations. Previously, we successfully applied modified tensor methods for identifying and tracking NBO activity over time or conditions. We introduced frequency and spatial constraints that greatly improved their physiological plausibility. In this paper we rigorously demonstrate the power and precision of tensor methods to separate, isolate and track NBOs using sources simulated with an anatomical forward model. This allows us to control the attributes of NBOs and validate tensor solutions. We find that tensor methods can accurately identify, separate and track NBOs over time, using realistic sources either alone or in combination, and compare favorably to well-known spatio-spectral decomposition methods for NBO estimation.